Westview Engineering Ltd.

In the engineering world, paper work is often seen as an obstacle to overcome in order to get real work done. When starting Westview Engineering it was important for us to ensure we could make work happen and still maintain our commitment to due diligence and order on the document side of the business. From early days, Tamara has worked with us to develop and document our flow-of-paper; making sure that we started with how we actually do things and ensuring we work to that. Tamara has helped us to set up remote access to our systems so that our document control only kicks in as-needed. This was critical for us to be able to minimize overhead costs and pass the value on to our clients to establish lasting service relationships. We look forward to seeing REMOTE DOC MGMT INC. grow their business with us.

Mike Kohut 

Principal Engineer

Westview Engineering Ltd.

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Oilpro Oilfield Production Equipment Ltd. 

Tamara Dedrick is in charge of OilPro's Document Control and Quality Management Division since early 2015, after a recommendation from one of our EPC clients. Her company, Remote Doc Management Inc. instantly transformed our business process to align better with our client's needs. OilPro stocks and builds a variety of oil and gas processing equipment but as this is sourced from a number of different manufacturers, each with different design, drawing and document processing protocols, it is important we are able to provide our customers with a well-defined, OilPro-branded final product. Tamara took on that challenge and significantly changed the way we do business.
Tamara enables us to streamline the document management side of the business, and helps us reduce the allocated resources as well.
In today's economically challenging energy environment, our clientele demands we find ways to deliver more for less. Tamara is key to delivering that service to OllPro and its clients.
Tamara delivers value, but also is a breath of fresh air with her up-front, sunny, rational approach to problem solving. As the challenges range from cultural differences with international clients, to something as simple as helping a vendor create a document in the right form, it's important to have someone like Tamara on your team to be sensitive to the challenges, while producing the end-results required by all. This, Tamara delivers, usually with a smile or humorous side note to make everyone's day just a little bit better.
In the course of doing her work, Tamara and her group also help create a better quality product and methodology, something our vendors greatly appreciate also.
Tamara is a pleasure to work with. She also is sensitive to budgetary constraints as certain jobs simply don't warrant extensive costs. She has therefore further adapted her program for us by dividing tasks between senior and junior administrators at rates appropriate to the task and job.
Client feedback in some cases is such that our business partners, ranging from EPCM's to fabricators to end-users asked us to put us in touch with her company to set up their own document control division.
I highly recommend Tamara's skills to anyone regularly requiring anything from simple document control to extensive multi-project highly structured document management. As I know she has managed projects from refinery upgrades, and have worked with her for something as simple as a flare stack, I can say there is no job too small or large for her and her dedicated group of professionals.

Should you wish to contact me about Tamara Dedrick, I can be reached at OilPro Oilfield Production Equipment at 403 215-3373

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Historically the cost of Real-estate has always led to increased company overhead expenses. However, as technology bends to accommodate personal demands for anywhere/anytime access to information a door has opened to help mitigate some of these costs using virtual office environments. Recognizing these types of opportunities is what makes entrepreneurs like Tamara Dedrick crucial to the success and profitability of small and medium sized organizations.

Tamara and I have worked together for the past 10 years on many projects ranging from small operational projects to multi-billion dollar expansion projects. We continually rely on her expertise and ingenuity to help solve issues not easily managed by people less familiar with document management techniques and strategies. I have found Tamara's dedication and honest approach to quality services refreshing and invaluable to the success of the projects we have worked on together. She has proven to be a resource with credible experience in all facets of Document Management.

I highly recommend the use of REMOTE DOC MGMT INC. by any company requiring high quality document management services, and especially to those with narrow profit margins or minimal facilities to run their business.

Dwayne Eliuk

Asset Information Management Specialist

Suncor Energy Inc.

In 2006, when I was employed with Petro Canada, we needed some assistance in managing the quality of data using a new program.Tamara was brought in to work with one of the other Document Control leads. Tamara's knowledge of documents and data was valuable as she understood the information that we were sorting and was able to provide feedback that the tool was working well or had issues.

In 2010, after Petro Canada transitioned into Suncor, we had a facility with a large volume of information that needed to be sorted, with a variety of issues such as multiple revisions, wrong drawings numbers, and drawings with native files and without. Tamara worked with one of our other Technical Designers to update the information using an access data base. Again her drafting and document control knowledge was a huge asset as Tamara could sort through the information and update the data base with the end goal in mind of having a reliable data base.

Tamara understands Information Management and ensures that the information is available and accurate. She understands the need to follow standards and procedures to ensure a quality product is produced and maintained. She is a professional reliable person with a great sense of humor and takes pride in her work.

Shannon Kiiskinen

In Situ Document Control Manager

Suncor Energy Inc.